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2010 a beautiful wild roller coaster ride.

Had a dream earlier this week, week of March14th.
I was nearly finishing an ice cream cone, and thought I
would go back to the cart to purchase a second helping.
The cashier was nowhere in sight, but still waited a few moments.
She returns, looks at the last bites of my ice cream
and has an angry look. She has assumed I helped myself
to an ice cream without paying. I understand how it looks to her but
I try to explain that I had already paid and was coming back for seconds
but she talked over me, telling me I owed her money.
She wouldn't listen at all... she was getting upset
that I wouldn't fess up.....then she demanded, .." Well then just give me
10 cents" I said no I already paid.
I was upset about being
wrongly accused .
I woke up.

I have to laugh, as this has been happening in my real life...seeing
the cosmic trickster at work....especially since I care so much about
what people think, so a lesson a gift...what they think has nothing to do
with TRUTH or who I am.

I then share a dream this week with a film crew who is shooting a documentary called "Most Interesting Person". The person who gets interviewed provides the name of a most interesting person they know and they then interview them.
I was being interviewed and shared this dream, which needs to be remembered by me.... about Loving the unlovable . Sharing stories keeps it alive.

A nightmare :: Embracing Darkness

a song:: "Behind your eyes"

"For over 30 years since childhood up until my mid 30's, I used to have
nightmares of hundreds upon hundreds of vampires and zombies chasing me
with no relief in sight. Endless running, hiding and fighting.
Horrified and terrified weekly
Yes, I would try to hurt them, kill them.

I could not look them in the eyes for fear of turning into them.
I could not let them break skin or bite me for fear of turning into
them...and I feared for my life.
Some scenarios were quite humorous
with doors coming off their hinges while trying to close them... to climbing
to the top of a palm tree only to have it bend back and forth to the ground
while there hands tried to clasp me at each opportune time.

Then one day, I did something different.
A 12 year old vampire girl.
grabbed my arms and I did swing back and forth in panic
but this time
I looked into her eyes and began to sing a Namaste song.
Namaste is a greeting..."I respect that divinity within you that is also within me".

Song ::Behind your eyes

"I see light behind your eyes
shining light down to my Core

I see light behind your eyes
reminding me of my own shine"

The little vampire girl began to
turn back into a little girl... but when any fear came into me
she would turn back into the vampire.

At one point, my lips could not move so I hummed the song
until at one point I could not make a sound so
I sang silently in my mind.

She turned back into a little girl and I woke up.

~ I never had another nightmare like that again.~

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