The book “Caesar’s Messiah” shows that the Gospels were written by a family of Roman Caesars called the Flavians. They created the Gospels as a political tool. They wanted to create a different version of messianic Judaism. They had fought against a messianic movement in Judea that was obviously militaristic and violently opposed to Roman rule, so the Gospels were created to replace that version of messianic Judaism. The reason that the Romans wanted to create their own Savior / Messiah is because they wanted to have a pacifistic Christ. The Christ that they were fighting against was a warrior messiah. 


The story line of Jesus is fiction. It was based upon a military campaign of a Roman Caesar named Titus Flavius. The reason that people have not recognized that the character Jesus Christ is fiction is simply because they haven’t understood the genre that the Gospels were written in. The Gospels are in fact a Roman mockery of a kind of literature that the Jews produced in the first century, and this type of literature is referred to as typology.


Typology is simply basing one character upon another, and it is found throughout Hebraic literature in the Old Testament to link one prophet to another prophet. At the beginning of the book of Matthew, which describes the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, the author uses names, locations and concepts in the same sequence as in the story of Moses, in order to link the first savior of Israel to this new savior of Israel. The same method is then used by the Romans to link the rest of the Jesus story to the events of the victorious military campaign of Titus Flavius in Judea, as it was recorded in the history of Josephus.


This is really important for our culture – to understand where Christianity came from -  and this is direct evidence – you can actually study the typological parallels and walk this path and come to this conclusion. You can KNOW that Christianity was an invention of the Romans, it was done to pacify their subjects. And this is important because it gives us a different way of understanding how government operates, the tools that government uses, the purpose that government has for the various propaganda apparatuses.

In that regard, I think it’s a requirement of alert citizens to know how the Gospels were written, why they were written, who produced them, what was the purpose in back of all this – this is good citizenry. Everyone should be involved in this. Everyone should be looking at this, reading it, and recognizing that this was where the Gospels originated. The Gospels came from the Flavian Imperial court as a tool to control the populace.

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