The Thaipusan festival is one of the most colorful and interesting festivals on the planet. A perfect adventure for those that crave an unusual and exotic experience. Particularly great for photographers, filmakers and body modification afficionados.

After a week of fasting and preparations, Hindu devotees gather for the Thaipusan festival to pay hommage to Lord Muruga . Thousands of devotees converge at the Batu Caves, amid raucous drumming and chanting, Some go into a deep trance in which they perform miraculous penances, stretching the boundaries of endurance and pain, like pushing skewers or needles through their tongues and cheeks.

Some poke hooks into the flesh of their backs, which are then fastened to little ceremonial carts and pulled through the streets.

And some carry the 'kavadis' - ornate frames supported by metal spikes inserted in the bearer's body! These are big metallic frames, which can weigh up to 60 pounds. Vessels full of milk may also be hung onto the contraption, giving it extra weight.

This is a truly amazing sight. Tongues, cheeks and bodies pierced and skewered as they climb the 272 steps of the Batu Caves in fulfilment of their vows- all without spilling a single drop of blood. These are not fakirs or a carnival sideshow, but real religious fervor and ecstasy.

I am arranging to take 6-10 interesting people deep into the heart of Mondo Asia. This is a trip for young energetic people. Especially great for film makers, artists, and photographers. Also for those into body modification and trance states. It promises to be an unforgettable experience.

This is the first in a series of trips to unique or fast disappearing places and events around the world.

As a professional traveler and guide, I will make all arrangements for travel and accommodation, make sure we see the craziest stuff, and prepare each traveler in advance so we avoid the risks of travel. And all at a very reasonable cost.

See the website for more information about this trip and myself.


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