Munay Ki Rites of Initiation - a Higher Plateau

Munay Ki Laguna Class


This February 2011 from the 10th through the 16th the Munay Ki Rites of Initiation will be gifted to those select few who hear the calling.  Earthkeeper Rites, Creator Rites, Healer Rites, Harmony Rites amoung others will create quantum shifts throughout the lives of those who receive. 




And as far as the class goes - I will say the rites are highly transformative and cause accelerations to anything you do.... so much so and immediate responses occur.  They would raise your platform of vibrations to an even higher light.  They are like putting highly charged organic fertilizers into your garden.  Things will start happening for you in higher light.... and your perspective will change to an even higher place of community/global healing visions - and then opportunities start to flow in effortlessly.  Your life will glow. 


It's all true - I have witnessed the many instantaneous transformations.  The gateways to the heart are opened wide through this process.  The light of the soul is revealed.  True unconditional love; majesty.  Sovereinty is a given as the rites begin to unfold and grow in your garden, your life.


I would be so touched, and my great honor to share these gifts with you.


The rites tend to call to people who are coming from a place of mastery in their own work in the world on large scale levels, such as yourself.  This work will take your game to a much higher plateau, it is fascinating.  Your delivery of your gifts into the world will be amplified - the work is like putting a bullhorn, or accelerator into your plan and opportunities will appear for you which will allow you to perform what you are meant to from a broader, higher, deeper place of vision.  When you receive these rites you will feel a deep reverence and connection to your role in humanity and in the caretaking of your place on Earth.  You will stand in a much greater place of power and have the assistance from your connection to the lineage in order to deliver your gifts from great amounts of love, light, vision and impeccability.  These rites come with a great amount of responsibility, and it would be a great honor to be one of your guides through this process.  I am certain if you are meant to be in the class, Spirit will step in and organize the details to allow you to do so.


Jamee Curtice and Jacqueline Coburn are teaching in the evenings from February 10th to the 16th all days with the exception of Saturday the 12th which is an all-day class.  Sunday, no class for all Valentines with lovers.   You can find us both on Facebook.  The class is in Facebook Events called "Munay Ki Laguna Class".


If you have further interest, then by all means be in touch.!/event.php?eid=189235884426179 





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