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SciFi Web Feature Funded by Online Campaign

A young friend of mine - Stanley Von Medvey - is funding a web-based SciFi series pilot through Kickstarter. He's already raised almost half of his $10K minimum. Check it out at:


He's very talented and I imagine this will be a great series (please send him a little $$ so we all get to see it… Continue

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Stress and the Need for Empowerment

There's a great article in August's Wired Magazine on Stress and Neuroscience (see http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/07/stress/ - full article not yet posted). Here is an excerpt:

Chronic stress, it turns out, is an extremely dangerous… Continue

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Pocket Gods

There is a million+ best selling iPhone game that allows people to become a god for virtual villagers, rewarding them or, more often, punishing them by throwing them into volcanoes and such. It's called Pocket God.


Is this a transformational game providing a "god's eye" perspective, or a pasttime that plays on our addictive desire to be in control of the… Continue

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The Creativity Crisis

There was an article published over the

weekend on Newsweek.com.

The title is "The

Creativity Crisis
" and is really worth a read. Click HERE

to read the full article.

Here's my reader's Digest version with commentary:

The article… Continue

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How you can help promote the SOA 2010 Symposium!

Dear c3 friends and family,

Here are download links to complete State of the Arts Symposium (SOA 2010) promotional materials. This day-long symposium brings together top arts, media and entertainment managers, content creators and technology innovators together to explore how to facilitate global change. Please help us to get the word out!



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You are a product of your genetics... NOT

It has been well known in biological sciences for some time now that you are a product of your genes - that is, except when you are not. Epigenitics, we now know, governs which genes are allowed to express themselves in our physical bodies.

Here's a quote from the recent Time article on the topic (http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1951968-1,00.html):

"At its most basic, epigenetics… Continue

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Immerse in the Future Event Feedback

The feedback on last month's c3 event focusing on the future of arts, media and entertainment were overwhelmingly positive. Thanks again to all who contributed!

We're all keenly interested in feedback and continued dialog on the topics raised at the event. Please speak up!

I did hear a comment wishing there had been more focus on transformative modalities. Another wanted less focus on technology and more focus on spiritualality.

I see c3 building bridges between… Continue

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Transformative or Transformational?

I've always used the term "Transformative Media" to refer to media that has the power to transform individuals. Many these days instead say "transformational." In searching for dictionary definitions of these words I ran across this interesting article in the New York Times about the increasing use of the terms:


By the way, the article says that transformational means "relating to a major change,"… Continue

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IMERSA Presentation to PGA and TEA at the Griffith Observatory

Hi all,

Here is a link to the slides from our ww.IMERSA.org briefing at the Griffith Observatory for 240 attendees from the Producer's Guild of America and the Themed Entertainment Association on May 18th, 2009:


C3 founders/organizers Philip, Barry, Noa, Kate and a few other familiar faces from c3 made it out. Thanks to all who made it or helped out, especially… Continue

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The future of entertainment

For those of you who missed my recent c3 talk entitled "The Future of Entertainment," I've posted my presentation slides temporarily in the "Visions from the Edge" group. We can also continue our conversation in that group, so sign up today!


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