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Confrontation (Polygraph part 2 - revisited)

Confrontation » by cordalth)

« Polygraph » is intended as a portrait of human relationships turning to the sour, hinting at the necessity of constant kindness and genuineness. The suite lasts about ten minutes and is composed of the following four sections : « Exposition, » «…


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The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

The book “Caesar’s Messiah” shows that the Gospels were written by a family of Roman Caesars called the Flavians. They created the Gospels as a political tool. They wanted to create a different version of messianic Judaism. They had fought against a messianic movement in Judea that was obviously militaristic and violently opposed to Roman rule, so the Gospels were created to replace that version of messianic Judaism. The reason that the Romans wanted to create their own Savior / Messiah is…


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Call For Submissions - New Media Film Festival!!

June 11-13th, 2010 at Downtown Independent Theatre

Los Angeles…


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Here is the first of a series of six clips you can find on YOU TUBE of Jerome Glenn speaking about the need to create a Global Arts and Media Node. He has invited c3 to create and administrate this project. I will start a group for this work if your are interested in participating join the group. I hope you will be inspired by this excellent initiative:


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Something Sacred . . . Something Free.

I headed out on my paddle board one morning several weeks ago looking for . . . an experience. The ocean and winds were calm so I ventured further out than normal and probably further than would have been advisable given that the sun had not yet risen and I was the only one on the water as far as I could see. But I REALLY wanted . . . an experience. I paddled for a while, breathing deeply into the fears that sometimes surfaced in my mind and stomach. Fears about sharks and unexpected winds and… Continue

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A Rebel Without a Car - Green Screen


This article appeared in the on-line magazine for actors The Networker on May 1, 2009

I’m going to direct my first short film in June. This is a project that has been with me for the past 9 months and finally I’m going to make it a reality.

The setting is Eastern Europe in 1978 and the subject is child abandonment.



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Jerome Glenn is an illustrious members of our Advisory Board, and is one of the top futurists in the world. We are so honored to have him a part of the wise counsel of c3.

Each year he and his team publish a global report called STATE OF THE FUTURE. Please visit the sites below for more information. It is an open source document and information for the report is gathered from think tanks and future groups from around the world. Brilliant!

Two years ago, Darwin Foye, a… Continue

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Hi There fellow light workers, consciousness raisers, metaphysicians, life coaches, healers, teachers, artists, musicians, cosmic comrades etc, etc,

my name is matt cornwall, and just have to say right off the bat how completely blown away i am by the community that is being assembled on this site (thanks to the beautiful genius that is philip horvath! thank u philip!!)

i literally spent 3 hours last night reading through all the truly inspired, ALIVE, awesome profiles of people… Continue

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There are only 2 kinds of people...

There are only 2 kinds of people...

My dear and brilliant friend Chellie Campbell (www.chellie.com) gave me this great gem.

There is absolutely no judgment in this statement. It is a simple observation. Almost too simple for some people to appreciate (those would be "Not My People").

It is not based on race, religion, political party, zip code, sexual preference, economics...any of that stuff.


"MY… Continue

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diving in

the process is the product

the transformation thru willful change, &
the arriving @ a new understanding
of what it means 2BA conscious creative
is what is being offered

the artifacts created in the process
(the matter that piles up in this whirlwind)
are by products
[buy products]

whats up4 the grabbing here
are tools for sustainability

a community consciousness
from a conscious community

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