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Bruce Springsteen as Secondary Education

The power of music and art to transform.....

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Music from a Tree -- Magical!

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Saluting General Sherman

by Dr. Reese Halter

Nineteenth century author, naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir, called the giant Sequoia “the noblest of a noble race” for many worthy reasons.

These exquisite specimens date back to at least 150 million years ago to the Jurassic Period — a time when the great plant-eating dinosaurs ruled the land and the ocean was stocked with the great ichthyosaurs and the long-necked plesiosaurs.

Magnificent giant Sequoias once… Continue

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Mob Art at its Best!

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing… Continue

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Report from Jerome Glenn on the Los Angeles, CA IMMERSE IN THE FUTURE 11/16 Event

Mini Los Angeles Trip report:

Kate McCallum, the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and a team of movie & television producers, artists, and media pioneers gathered about 375 of their colleagues in Los Angeles Nov 16th to celebrate and explore the future and to invite creative talent around the world to form the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Node of the Millennium Project. The event was simultaneously in Second Life set up by… Continue

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$2 Million Competition Seeks Ideas to Transform Learning!

This is fabulous!

(Chicago, IL) — As President Obama called for new efforts to reimagine and improve education in science and math, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced a $2 million open competition for ideas to transform learning using digital media. The competition seeks designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and others to build digital media experiences – the learning labs of the 21st Century – that help young people interact, share, build,… Continue

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art and meditation

a new kind of art class every sunday 1-3 message me for info

jupiter studios downtown alliance ohio only $10

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The Thaipusan festival is one of the most colorful and interesting festivals on the planet. A perfect adventure for those that crave an unusual and exotic experience. Particularly great for photographers, filmakers and body modification afficionados.

After a week of fasting and preparations, Hindu devotees gather for the Thaipusan festival to pay hommage to Lord Muruga . Thousands of devotees converge at the Batu Caves, amid… Continue

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Ray Kurzweil has long been one of my favorite visionaries. I have tremendous respect for the work that he does to expand consciousness. The IMMERSE IN THE FUTURE event made it to his site. Am so jazzed!

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For those of you unable to attend in person please note this exciting news:

The exploration to create the international Arts/Media/Entertainment Node of The Millennium Project will be held simultaneously in Second Life and in Los Angeles, California on November 16th during a special event that begins at 7:30 PM Los Angeles time.

Please click on for instructions on attending in… Continue

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Games for Change

Games for Change (G4C) provides support, visibility and shared resources to organizations and individuals using digital games for social change. This is the primary community of practice for those interested in making digital games about the most pressing issues of our day, from poverty to race and the environment.

This oganization's mission statement is inspiring! Check it out.

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A Walk in the Sonoran Desert

By Dr Reese Halter

Recently, I had a chance to spend a couple days exploring Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. It’s truly amazing to see how all the different animals use the desert to make a living.

The Sonoran Desert is spread across 106,000 square miles with about 40 percent of it in the U.S. and 60 percent in Mexico. It ranges in elevation from near sea level to over 3,300 feet along the eastern edge of Arizona. In Arizona it receives both winter and summer precipitation with… Continue

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Color of Pacific Northwest Plants

by Dr Reese Halter

Color in the Pacific Northwest forests plays an important role in determining partnerships between plants, animals and insects. As it turns out, plants are masters at manipulating animals and insects, and they do this with their colors.

The predominant color in the forest is green from the pigment chlorophyll, which literally means green leaf. It’s such a dominant color that it masks the beautiful autumn colors of orange and yellow. They belong to… Continue

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Nature’s medicine offers relief

By Reese Halter

The first milk or colostrum produced by a mammal for its offspring is crucial for its survival. Moreover, cow or bovine colostrum offers a potent remedy to millions afflicted with diseases and cancers.

Mammals evolved to breastfeed their young. Breastfeeding for humans is natural and critical to ensure essential nutrients, antibodies and immune system enhancers necessary for a healthy life.

Children who are breastfed have higher IQs and less… Continue

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The Heart of the Oak

by Dr. Reese Halter

The mighty oak is truly a remarkable tree. Oaks have sustained humans for more than 6,000 years. Oaks have often been referred to as generous, hospitable, scholarly, surveyors and long-lived.

From Vancouver to Caracas, from Miami to Dublin, from Lisbon to Jakarta and from Seoul to Tokyo there are about 425 species of oaks. Their lineage dates back some 65 million years. They are genetically rich and an incredibly flexible genus surviving geologic… Continue

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