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To you, is it a bliss to meditatively write and move spirit/consciousness of the audience? Do you love to focus on subjects such as films/media, consciousness, culture/society, identity ? Do you write in the style where profundity meets simplicity of expression? Our wish is to adopt a voice that is: Mature, Noble, Pragmatic, Frank, Fearless, Fresh; truth-seeking, expansive & inclusive, sharp-focused, thoughtful & sensitive – holding compassionate viewpoint of humanity and disparate… Continue

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AFI Fest 2009: What if Movies Were Free?

AFI Fest 2009: What if Movies Were Free?

A changing film world — and hard times — means comp tickets

By Scott Foundas

published: October 29, 2009

Balancing act: Koehler and Kuo

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but what about a free film festival? “We were looking to make a bold move,” says AFI Fest artistic director Rose Kuo. She wasn’t kidding: The American Film Institute’s decision to transform its venerable fall film showcase (October… Continue

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The power of social networking!


Facebook project gives world peace a chance•

Project aims to bring bitter opponents together
Sam Jones guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 28 October 2009

Facebook now aims to build bridges between groups and people with conflicting… Continue

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A Mythic Weekend on Bainbridge Island, WA

"Mythic Journeys" is the featured film in this event sponsored by the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Bainbridge Island is a quick ferry-ride across Puget Sound from Seattle. The two-day event begins with a screening of the film at the Historic Lynwood Theatre followed by a VIP Reception. The next day there will be a forum with guest panelists and mini-workshops.

This remarkable film is framed by the classic folk tale, "The Bone Orchard," brought to life through… Continue

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They may be shallow but these seas provide plenty

by Dr. Reese Halter

Although the shallow seas occupy 8 percent of the ocean’s surface, they are brimming with life including 90 percent of the world’s commercial fisheries.

Most shallow seas occur along continental shelves — underwater extensions of the continents stretching about 50 miles with exceptions like the Pacific in South America (less than a half a mile) and off the Arctic coast of Siberia which extends some 450 miles. Water depths rarely exceed 650… Continue

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Icon of the Woods: Wild Ground Chickens

By Dr. Reese Halter

Autumn brings splendid colors to trees and shrubs throughout the West. It is the time when we are reminded of magnificent grouse and ptarmigans (pronounced TAR-mi-gun) that live in our woods.

Grouse and ptarmigans are essentially wild chicken-like critters that are able to fly. There are five species of grouse and three species of alpine ptarmigans that live throughout the West. Some grouse seasonally migrate. Only when food supply is very limited do… Continue

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Atlas Hugged

What Herculean work,to become the highest ideal that conscience dictates.Yet the choice of mediocrity and compromise seems a more gravity laden burden. With fierce determination I press onwards, grateful for the burden of spiritual achievement for the outcome of that burden and achievement is the neutralization of gravity and the alchemical transformation of burden into knowledge and wisdom.That is how I see it.

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By poisoning bees, we imperil ourselves

by Dr Reese Halter:

Special to The Sacramento Bee


Over the past three years more than 50 billion honeybees have died. Scientists understand the causes and now we need everyone to lend a helping hand.

The humble honeybee has been inextricably linked to humankind since prehistoric times – at first we were drawn to this remarkable creature because of its sweet honey.

Honey is to a bee what electricity is for… Continue

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Hi Everyone ,

Thank you so much for the invitation to this community. I have been absent on this site while working out some things in my life. I wanted to wait till I could really contribute to get involved. I have an opportunity I had to share.

A friend of mine is offering Live Online (via web cam) Certification in Hypnotherapy THIS WEEKEND ONLY for a real bargain.

He and his partners are separating and these will be their last two courses. The first this… Continue

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Drag racers of the sea

by Dr. Reese Halter

October 20, 2009

Giant squids measuring in excess of 60 feet and weighing a whopping 1,275 pounds are the most mysterious and the least known gigantic critter on Earth.

Cephalopods — from the Greek “head-footed” — have at least eight arms, and this includes all octopuses; cuttlefishes and squids have two additional tentacles that they can shoot out to capture prey. Chambered nautilus, the most primitive of all living Cephalopods, have as many… Continue

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I Want To Remember

Oh Great Mother Of The Universe, I Sing Only For Thee!

I want to Remember.mov

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Studying the role ocean currents play in climate change

by Dr. Reese Halter

A couple billion years ago the ocean was the cradle of life. Throughout the ages it’s been the gateway to riches, exploration and colonization. Now it holds the answers to the climate and ultimately our survival.

English author Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) taught navigation in the royal household. One of his students was Princess Philippa who, by marriage, became the queen of Portugal. Her son Henry loved to listen to her stories about the sea. He grew… Continue

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Autumn Leaves

By Dr. Reese Halter

The most colorful time of year is autumn. It's brief and should be celebrated outdoors, before the colors fade and the trees drop their leaves. Become a "leaf-peeper" and open your eyes to nature's glorious hues of scarlet, gold and wine.

In order to understand autumn colors we must examine the leaf. Leaves have spent the winter tightly wrapped in a cover of weather-resistant scales, and emerge in spring from buds formed the previous… Continue

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Manifesting the Vision

Here's just an excerpt from an essay I've been reading called "Manifesting the Vision" by Rama J. Vernon, founder of the Center for International Dialogue. I hope it inspires all of you on a challenging path:

"If we can keep a sense of 'non doing' or inaction within each of our actions, we will not grow tired or feel the need to withdraw to recuperate. As we combine a sense of ease, of stillness within our activity, we will feel renewed each hour.

The following guidelines… Continue

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A Slice of Heaven in Zion

By Dr Reese Halter

The ancient rocks of Zion National Park in the southwest corner of Utah tell the story of the last quarter billion years. Water – whether salt or fresh - has played an enormous role in creating and ultimately shaping this magnificent landscape.

The history of Zion began before the first dinosaurs. There are nine different distinct layers of sedimentary rock within the park. Each formation is unique in its composition, revealing the secret of time with… Continue

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Get Your Hands Dirty With the Arts At USC!

c3 Member Rick Pinckert sent this to me. Looks great!

Sunday, October 11

University Park Campus

Admission is free. Reservations strongly encouraged. To RSVP, click on the individual workshop links found at link below beginning Friday, September 11, at 9 a.m.


Please note that individuals may not sign up or be on the waitlist for more than one workshop at the same… Continue

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Cirque Founder One Drop Program in Space

Creative ingenuity at it's best!

http://www.onedrop.org/en/Legal/faq/Poetic%20Social%20Mission-faq.aspx :

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Visiting my 90 year Young Mom, Rewards are Great!

I was so warmed by the crowd that came to make music together at the Bergan County Meetup in NJ. One woman stood out above the rest. Little did I know I would pass her test. The rest I must confess is private. However she loves the camera and to model. Since I am a photographer at my core, I was more than happy to know her and learn how much she likes posing! Expect some great work to come out of our… Continue

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Treacherous Tsunamis

By Dr Reese Halter

Tsunamis (pronounced soo-NAH-mee) is a Japanese word meaning “habor wave”. They can be a single wave but more likely a series of waves. When they land onshore they are truly killer waves.

Tsunamis are triggered by submarine earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and even meteorite impacts. In the open ocean the waves are small, and they can travel thousands of kilometers at speeds of 603 miles per hour or as fast as a jet plane can… Continue

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THE MEADOW by Mike O'Hare and Elfreda Pretorius. Available at most of the usual book outlets, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Chapters etc. There is a whole new world created when the marketing machine gets into gear. Here's where it's important to get the right image and interest going with the intention of creating a sound or an image that will stick. Of course, once the book has been read, everything changes course and a more subtler approach is… Continue

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