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Vibrastinato (Octoccata part 3)

("Octoccata Freeway" by Christopher Stewart based on this Interstate Shield)

« Vibrastinato, » the third movement from « Octoccata, » gets its name from the combination of vibraphone and ostinato, and features an abundance of…


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Igorchestral (Octoccata part 2)

("eight" by timlewisnm)

« Igorchestral, » the second movement of « Octoccata, » has been thus named because of the inspiration for the music, and the selected arrangement.…


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Documentaries to wtach this week

Hi All,

Here are the documentaries to watch this week on Culture Unplugged


Greedy for Life:

Director: Laurie Schur

Synopsis: When you're busy living, age is just a number. Meet two women who

embrace life after 80 with enthusiasm and wonder: Lavada Campbell is a

minister and hairdresser, Shirley Windward is a poet and amateur

sculptor. Both are inspiring models for aging well, despite the

challenges.… Continue

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Octoverture (Octoccata part 1)

("1898 New Zealand stamp 8 pence blue" by The Crown)

« Octoccata » is an instrumental suite clocking in at a little over 16 minutes. The title comes from the combination of…


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Distractions and Excuses

I’m not quite sure what I want to say. Something is rumbling around inside of me and I don’t have any notion of what to hang it on. There are certain phrases that have been coming into my awareness, “I don’t

have the money,” “I don’t have the time,” “I can’t get the time off,” “I

don’t have anyone to take care of my child.” “I have to think about

it.” These are all phrases I have heard and experienced inside of me.

Some cause me agitation in the form of frustration, anger…


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World Homeless Day Tour Hits The Road

The World Homeless Day Tour 2010 is underway! We have already driven 1,200 miles and empowered people at two sites in Seattle! Tonight, we will be working with people at Pioneer Square Men's Program and then heading to Portland, Oregon tomorrow morning.

Click on this link to get the latest information…

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Dance in the Dome on Film....

Ed Lantz just forwarded this wonderful clip to us of dome content:

Future Memory (Fulldome work, 5 minute Version) on Vimeo

I also just found this site:

With VORTEX IMMERSION MEDIA one of c3's primary sponsors we are doing more work in researching the dome immersive format. The c3: CreateLAB will be doing… Continue

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Shakira Speaks at Oxford

"December 7, 2009 - Shakira spoke about the work of her charity,

Barefoot Foundation, at Oxford University's world-famous Oxford Union.

The Oxford Union is a debating, educational, and social society,

membership of which is open to all matriculated members of Oxford

University (and many other notable educational establishments). Over

the years countless actors, writers, film stars, musicians, celebrities

and politicians have spoken there. These past guests of… Continue

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Procession (Juggernaut part 3)

("Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India" by James Fergusson)

The third part of « Juggernaut, » entitled « Procession, » evokes the arrival of the juggernaut before it unleashes into a frenzy of…


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In the jist of things.

I am writing this blog to find out how many other people out there have begun the awakening process.

This process is a very long journey to the opening of your entire Resistance. I say resistance because as this awakening process begins it will allow you to focus on the parts of you that you are unaware of. These things are hidden deep inside your inner self , your true self . Most people are unaware of their true self.

This process can happen different for all people some are in tune… Continue

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The Mechanics Of Karma

("A free body diagram of a mass on an inclined plane" by Mets501)

Will the island turn into an archipelago ? More poetry today...

How long have I hankered

For the right way to go

How far have I wandered

To know what I now…


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Surface (The Dam part 6)

("Surface Tension" by darkmatter)

In « Surface, » the sixth chapter of « The Dam, » the protagonist/narrator is gradually returning to activity after having transformed into who he feels like being, and will ultimately reach the…


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Documentaries to watch this week

Dear All,

Following are the documentaries to watch this week on

Ex-voto for Three Souls :

Director: Diego Rivera Kohn

Synopsis: An ex-voto is a votive offering to thank God for a miracle, or to ask for one. This is the portrait of three Mexicans, all of whom need such a miracle for different reasons. Christian is a young boxer who is literally trying… Continue

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Participate in the Earthdance Global Film Jam!

Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace, has grown to become the world's largest simultaneous music and dance event. The Peace Watch was developed by Earthdance, organizer of the annual

peace and music event and synchronized Prayer for Peace held at hundreds

of locations worldwide each September celebrating the International Day

of Peace.

Now you can send in footage to create the world's first global interactive feature… Continue

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A poetic island in a musical stream... entitled « Outgrow » :

That which you can't abide

Embrace as if a friend

Once you two have allied

No thing will make you bend

That which you can't escape

Welcome as a teacher

You will never espouse

More talented lover

That which you won't challenge

Can't ever make you wise

But that which you surpass

In freedom makes you rise

That which you merely… Continue

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The Evolutionary Imperative for Business

Dawna Jones offers us this EXCELLENT article link on the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) website, to support the work any of us are doing with business in the hopes that it sparks hope amongst
business owners and managers at all levels.

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Sooner Or Later

("Multiac Nylon" by poligraf)

Today’s music does not comes from Poligraf’s catalogue as such. Rather, it is a piece for solo guitar that I intend to publish on an album of about ten acoustic compositions, all arranged…


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New Jersey Symphony and the Roots Initiative

While we've given some time to the idea of new, younger, conductors on this blog before, today our point is less about youthful invigoration,… Continue

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Documentaries to watch this week

Chitti Hatia

Director: Sharad Sharma


Chitti Hatia, the story of Bittoo Sondhi, a Delhi based biker and his

triumph over the unknown. Bittoo's father, at the age of thirteen,

migrated to India during the partition. This 52 minute film explores the

streets of Rawalpindi, to help Bittoo fulfill his fathers' long

cherished dream of revisiting his birth place-a wish which could not be

realized till his death. Bittoo however got an… Continue

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Resilience (Juggernaut part 5)

("Stone Wheel Juggernaut" by Serge Lachinov)

The fifth section of « Juggernaut » is entitled « Resilience, » which is defined as :…


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