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Truth Seekers

We have launched an online venue with weekly blog catering to our primary audience - film-makers, film-lovers, conscious creatives/citizens. Through this effort, we are not just building a platform/structure that simply publishes content, but one that raises consciousness of film-makers and unites people through their spirit.

Please visit this the link

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Doug Kershaw's Personal Violin Collection for Sale

The Ragin Cajun himself is selling his personal violin collection. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Kershaw’s for ages and wanted to help him promote this sale. These will go fast. Please pass it on to everyone you think might be interested.

Tell him Lisa Rhyne referred you.

His email for this sale is

A note from Doug Kershaw:

I've accumulated over 2 thousand violins over the years.

To me all my fiddles are the best. After the… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Juggernaut part 4

(Erie Steam Road Roller scanned by Andy Dingley from the "New Catechism of the Steam Engine.")

“Steamroller” is probably the most busy piece of poligrafic music…


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Human Being

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“The Meadow” has been written in a very extraordinary way. For example, there was never any intention to bring the story into manuscript format. It was only after my encounter with Elfreda that it became a reality and, between us, we prized the idea out of my head and onto a hard drive. Even when we began writing the story, there was never an outline laid out for the whole thing. Outlines were only prepared for each chapter as we took them step by step.

I remember Elfreda… Continue

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Media Multi-Taskers Pay Mental Price? Stanford Study Shows...

Found this article of interest as a media multi-tasker myself... I find that a solid meditation practice is extremely helpful for rebalancing or "refreshing" the brain.... Morning and evening practice with moments of repose throughout the day. As well concentrating on deep breathing for just five minutes here and there also helps.

Stanford Report, August 24, 2009

Media multitaskers pay mental price, Stanford study shows


Attention,… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : The Dam part 7

("Between the waves" by Ivan Aivazovsky)

The seventh chapter of "The Dam" is entitled "Flow" and presents our protagonist/narrator having passed the test, overcome the obstacle, levelled the dam, and…


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The Maya Of Eternal Time - Drunvalo Melchizedek 2009 video series

The Maya Of Eternal Time - Drunvalo Melchizedek 2009 video series

Thought you might be interested...

You need to watch the whole series in order for context.

I will have more to say on this in later posts.
I have had the honor of meeting Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez among other Elders.

Love, Laughter and Light ~ L

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No guessing what the title is referring to. The Spotted Cow probably fits into the top ten of country pub names that are dotted around the UK and Channel Islands. However, there is one Spotted Cow which has a relevance and energy all of its own. In years to come, I wonder how much of this short story holds an irony which proves very special.

"The Meadow" novel features locations all around the world, and different times in history. Its characters are more than colourful… Continue

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True Blood and Philosophy -- Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

True Blood and Philosophy

Edited by George A. Dunn and Rebecca House

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series

Please circulate and post widely.

Apologies for Cross-posting.

To propose ideas for future volumes in the Blackwell series please contact the Series Editor,

William Irwin, at

Abstracts and subsequent essays should be philosophically substantial but accessible, written to… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Stereoscopy

(Pocket Stereoscope by Joaquim Alves Gaspar )

“Stereoscopy” is the definitive title of a song which I used to refer to as “Point Of View.” I changed my mind about the title while writing and singing the melodies, thinking that the word doesn’t get the chance to be…


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Images and Voices of Hope World Summit 2009

10th Anniversary World Summit 2009

September 25 - 27, 2009

Peace Village, Haines Falls, NY

"The Social Impact of Images and Voices in Challenging Times"

Each fall Images and Voice of Hope hosts a World Summit attended by journalists, artists, and musicians, media professionals from all over the world. At IVOH, we have always believed that those who work in media not only respond to the events of the world, but through their work, also help to create the… Continue

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I'm spinning myself into a cocoon

It fits around me like a womb

It seals me into a tomb


Even here in this spaceless space

I grow

Even here in this darkened place

I glow

Even here in this thoughtless realm

I know

Wings await me on the other side

Of this silk-thread shell

And wings will flutter me out of the spell

I have spun into soft hide

I don't surrender

Instead I retreat

To the cellular… Continue

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How to Reduce the Toxic Effects of the A/H1N1 Vaccine if injected

Dr Blaylock’s List of suggestions on How to Reduce the Toxic Effects of the A/H1N1 Vaccine, is as follows:

1. Number one on the list says Dr Blaylock, is to bring a cold pack with you and place it on the site of the injection as soon as you can, as this will block the immune reaction. Once you get home, continue using a cold pack throughout the day. If you continue to have immune reactions the following day, have cold showers and continue with the cold press.

2.… Continue

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The Moment...

There are moments in our lives that change us forever. They MAKE us realize things about ourselves, others, the world, the Universe, GOD........

A life well lived is hopefully full of many of these moments. They give us depth, character...they inspire us to be better friends, lovers, siblings, parents, better artists as well as many other things. Sometimes they shake us to our core and our world is never the same. We know that in that moment the world will never be the same -… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : The Chrome Lake part 3

("Introspection" by Alberto Baumann)

"Introspection I" is the third part, and first vocal section, of "The Chrome Lake," which itself constitutes the core middle chapter of the "Entering The Stream" trilogy.

The title of the whole suite was inspired by Voivod's…


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C3 Discount for Sound Healing Workshops on Saturday, 8/15

Dear Friends,

I'm teaching two sound healing workshops in Westwood on Saturday & would like to offer a discount to c3 members: $30 for a 2-hour workshop. Just call 805-698-3580 to let me know that you will attend either the Intro at 10am or the Tuning Forks workshop at 1pm (both for $55).

I'm also looking for venues in SoCal where I can offer a free lecture/demonstration with sound researcher Alan Howarth at no expense to us. Please let me know if you have any… Continue

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New Spirituality is Ordinary Creative LIve

Hello c3 friends,

I discovered Edwin Carl Smith last year and he addressed clearly the place to go when none of the body/mind/spirit techniques work anymore. It is the place of Faith that all of Life on the planet now is healing itself and I just need to trust everything. Spiritual teachers ar no longer necessary. Life is the Teacher. Simple but not easy. He will be in town for one afternoon talking about what this means and how to live in a practical Relentlessly loving way.. Google… Continue

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Editor Wanted to Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics

The British Society of Aesthetics seeks to appoint a new editor for the

Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics. Applicants should be enrolled on a

postgraduate research programme in philosophical aesthetics in the UK. The post

is tenable for a minimum of two years, maximum of three, commencing in November


The successful candidate will shadow the current editor for the Winter 2009

issue before taking over in full for the Spring 2010 issue. The journal… Continue

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The Rapids

finally, I am made aware
of the river's intention

to go down
into the lowest places on earth
to be brought up again
into the clouds

so I flow
I surrender

finally made aware
that I am comprised of water

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