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On Individualistic Spirituality

In my opinion, on some social networks there appears to be a tendency to avoid challenges altogether in order to protect beliefs.

The rationale seems to be that the intent of the challengers is merely to « make wrong, » and that those who challenge are just not « confident in their own beliefs. »

But what then if the intent is not to « make wrong » ? What if the intent is to shed a different light ? What if the prompting comes from the heart and not the ego ? What if the… Continue

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Knock Knock.... "Who is it?" Reply comes "Your Imagination." "My Imagination?" Reply comes "yes Your Imagination....which leads to perfection which is away from Excellency."



=====================IMAGINATION IS THE FIGMENTATION========================


Most of us today grumble and grudge that they…


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So far I have not come across one piece of bad publicity regarding "The Meadow" novel. In fact most comments lean towards the positive, such as this testimonial posted from a sister network.

Here is the opening passage to this testimonial:

"I am close to finishing reading The Meadow, by our own Mike O'Hare and Elfreda Pretorius.  This novel is by far the most…


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Integration (The Chrome Lake part 7 - revisited)

(Based on « 4D virtual 3x3x3x3 sequential move puzzle, scrambled » by SpinningSpark)

« Integration » is the seventh and final chapter of « The Chrome Lake. »

This instrumental section starts…


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This blog is all about promoting The Meadow on YouTube. It was created with the idea of story going viral with the help of a video -- or two or three lol. See "A great love story -- presented to you by… Continue

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A great love story

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Steamroller (Juggernaut part 4 - revisited)

Wilesco D36 steamroller » by Morn)

« Steamroller » is the fourth chapter of « Juggernaut. » In the storyline of the suite, it represents the apex of pain, and the metanoia.

The instrumental is one of the most busy pieces of music that I’ve written up to now, and…


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7-14-11 I believe in Global Healing

I believe in Global Healing. I believe we all have our own personal problems, lessons, cusps, crisis, decisions, choices, challenges, fears, set-backs, addictions, and so on... Ever heard the saying that our own "stuff" likes to dance with other people with similar "stuff"? This is like when people have a problem and pretty soon they realize they are confiding with a complete stranger about their problem, and then the stranger feeds that fire with their own similar stories. This is also like…


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How about a FOR-profit charity? TOMS shoes

If you are not familiar with the work of young entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, this is an excellent introductory video of him interviewed by former President Bill Clinton. Mycoskie's shoe company, TOMS, sells moderately-priced shoes for a small profit, and for every pair sold, one pair of shoes is donated to a needy child in Argentine, Ethiopia, South Africa, etc. He describes how starting a for-profit business provides a more reliable income stream for charity…


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Kalachakra for World Peace 2011

Kalachakra sand mandala » ]

Since July 6, 2011, the 76th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Kalachakra for World Peace is offered in the heart of the US capital, Washington, DC. His Holiness offers this…


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Hues of Distraction for the Destination


Cosmic has different hue when combines gives definite patterns which leads to Destination.



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Surface (The Dam part 6 - revisited)

Surface Tension » by darkmatter)

In « Surface, » the sixth chapter of « The Dam, » the protagonist/narrator is gradually returning to activity after having transformed into who they feel like being. Ultimately, they reach the…


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Are You a Possibilian?





A few excerpts from the above article appear in quotes below:

Reading the above article would appeal to people who are interested in scientific explanation of consciousness, but who “know far too little about our own minds and the universe to insist on strict atheism, and far too much to commit to a…


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