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c3 ArtMind and Big Vision Studios present:

Pitch, Close the Deal and Get Funded

July 30, 7pm-9pm

Interested in learning how to raise funding for films and other projects? Seasoned financier & investor relations Pro Wayne Repich will teach you what you need to start doing right away to succeed.

c3: Center for Conscious Creativity is collaborating with Big Vision Studios to bring you this enligtening event. This seminar offers practical advice and tools that… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Juggernaut part 2

(Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India / Painting by James Fergusson)

Juggernaut. Lots to say about this one. Make sure your seat is confortable...

I’ve started the writing for this singular piece on November…


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Close your eyes

When people tell me they only believe what they can see...I ask them to close their eyes.

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The Music Of Poligraf : Void part 2

("Primeval Center" )

On a background of Wall Street Bailout and the Large Hadron Collider, “Void” paints the Buddhist concept of emptiness.

From Wikipedia :…


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"Your Ascension Guide"

AS WE NAVIGATE through this confusing and many times

challenging process of ascension, we may feel very alone and

vulnerable. It can seem as though we have been dropped here on

Earth with no support to handle all that is happening to us.

Believe it or not, this is not the case.

Each and every one of us has a beautiful ascension guide who

monitors our progress at each and every turn. This process of

ascension was created by us at soul levels. We decided… Continue

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Music affects everyone, everything, everywhere

Music affects everyone, everything, everywhere

Ever walked into a room and find your mood shifts for no apparent reason?

Even if no one else is in the room?

There's a "mood" to places and events. Think about being in a movie theater, a funeral home at someone's funeral, in the grocery store, on a roller coaster at Disney Land, waiting room at the doctor's office, your favorite restaurant, being at a Garth Brooks concert with 50,000 people verses being at a private piano… Continue

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Tony Stubbs' 7/15/09 Blog: God an Extraterrestrial?!

Hello All ~

I just had to post this. I am such a HUGE fan of Mr. Tony Stubbs!!! I am so thankful he is one of my Teachers who is still alive and well today. I feel truly graced and blessed to know him and call him my Friend.

I am honored that he is a part of The Dream Masters. You can read more there (and that will also direct you to his great websites and his fantastic blog).

His book, AN ASCENSION HANDBOOK, is how I first became aware of Tony and his amazing work.… Continue

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TDM Updates

TDM Updates: Much more on the TDM website:


Professor Philip Rubinov-Jacobson

We have updated the Legendary Visionary Artist, Professor Philip Rubinov-Jacobson's information on TDM. NEW BOOK - NEW INTERVIEWS - AUSTRIA & ITALY SEMINARS - 'The Magical Mystery Tour' at the Mobile Art Museum, Dec.15 - Feb 15, 2010! More at TDM!

Hank Wesselman & Jill Kuykendall

Their Newsletters are now published on the site. More coming this… Continue

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In These Times...

Greetings Everyone.

First and foremost, as I always say with everything I offer...keep what resonates as true with you and discard the rest. Only you know your Truths and know where you are in this given moment.

I've been getting a lot of calls and emails from all over the world so I wanted to write to everyone. I try to answer as many emails as possible but there are thousands and it is impossible for me to be on the phone with everyone who wishes to speak with me. Know I… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Leaving The Ashram part 3 & 4

("Enigma" by Matías Argudín)

The third and fourth parts of “Leaving The Ashram” are respectively entitled “The Tabla Master’s Enigma” and “The Ordinary II.” Our unidentified introspective hero has completed his retreat and is going back to ordinary life.…


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"The Ascension Symptoms"

HAVE YOU EVER been in the middle of a compelling

conversation and suddenly you could not remember or access

the simplest of words or names? Do you find yourself eating

several times a day, as your blood sugar levels feel as though

they are plummeting? Have you had periods where you could

not sleep all night or maybe awakened regularly between 2 and

4 a.m...or also had periods where you slept like a log all night

and during the day could not keep your eyelids… Continue

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Interesting how lives can shift in the course of momentous moments.

I didn’t have words to express what I was feeling during the compression that forced our paradigm shift last night…and, by the time I’d gotten to your house, I’d run the gamut of second-guessing myself and my motives, while experiencing all of these emotions physiologically. For two nights, I've felt balls of energy crackling off of and shooting out of me. I am the solar eclipse.

Thank you for tapping me… Continue

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Thank you, No.

I have not been, regretfully.

Following the flow and listening to the cosmos.

A time of stillness, like an August night holding her breath.

In the firefly jar

Not sure what awaits…


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On Grief– from Healing Wisdom of Africa, by Malidoma Some'

On Grief–

“We have described water as the second element in the cosmological wheel, a key element that at the beginning cooled the raging fires and brought stability, reorienting the cosmic energy toward producing continuity and community. Since then, people all over the world have felt the need to return again and again to water for purification, cleansing, reconciling, and making peace in the face of the onslaught of life’s challenges.

This means that to the indigenous,… Continue

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is going to try and care less...

it's like i need the okay to carefully step on your neck... i don't mean to harm you, it's just that I don't see any other way around it. if not through you... where? i've spent so much time concerned with your feelings. i can the entire weight of your burdened soul, but that does not mean I need to hold it up. my hands and will are strong. i can do it... but do I need to? No. Thank you for reminding me that I need not hold that which I intend to inspire. it can be a one-way street. i need not… Continue

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It’s time to remember our ancient past as it had really been, so we can easily place ourselves in our perfect present, our eternal present that exists only in our hearts. And in this way, to bridge that past to the here and now and construct the future from the very crystalline roots we have within…

For that, as Cosmic Beings with a long history placed in the library within our hearts, today I would like to explain a true story… a brief history of Gaia as a cosmic true being as you,… Continue

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As well as sharing my thoughts and commenting on the material of others here at this network, Elfreda, the other author to The Meadow and I have gone down the route of taking responsibility for this novel which is about to be published.

We have set up a network specifically based around the concepts and ideas that The Meadow stands for. Its tag reads: "Inviting you to discover the secrets of your evolutionary path." It illustrates the interconnectedness of all things… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Leftoverturned part 2

(Detail from "Lenticular cloud")

Given its structure and contents, the second part of “Leftoverturned” could have been entitled “Informaëlstrom II” (ref: "1000 Radios"), but because of the undeniable influence of Modest Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain,” the full…


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Paris in August

If you're traveling to Paris between July 28 to August 30, or know anyone who is, we're peforming our piece "From Jerusalem to Cordoba" at the beautiful Théâtre de l'Ile St-Louis.

Information and details here: http://www.naturalchant.com/concerts.htm

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