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Paradox of Illusion

Eyes decode this world but our perception often lead us opposite.

We see what we think, we don't see what we see.

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I’m the one, the controller of whole.

I’m glad to be a time.

My birth is the birth of everything,

And, my end is the end of everything.

Save Him, nobody can thwart me,

Nobody can hold me.

Even death is a slave of mine.

Everybody say “as fact as death”

But I say “as fact as time”.

’Cause there are some

Who have been saved from Death

But nobody is saved from Time.

So, why people fear of Death,

Death dies after death.…


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And on the 7th Day

A separation precedent ed by a  Bang followed to 1 day, 2day, 3day, 4 day, 5 day , 6day and finally on the 7th day the Father of being and from the Ribs Protector of all Evil.... What for???

Is it or was that for Nothing and will be Something in Disguise of Nothing. We know little but assume of everything. If deny the former said then confirm the latter but you can not.

If only you read chapters and pages of Scrolls of Facts backed by Non Anthropomorphic. Then cosmic will… Continue

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We reside in Absolute Temporal complemented with concealed truth with a vagueness of untold unrealistic Image. Figuratively like a mirage but being closer is hollowness with shattered surrounding. If sensed then blessed is the being or else screened from the positiveness.


Revealed, re- revealed again revealed and for the Last time revealed to conceal for being away from Hypocrisy. So much engrossed into the Futility that the site…


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The Integral Cinema Studio Series at Integral+Life.com

Announcing the INTEGRAL CINEMA STUDIO article series at Integral Life...
The Integral Cinema Studio at Integral Life is an article series on the application of Integral Theory to cinematic media theory and practice.…


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The Dream Masters SOULutions Sessions® with Lisa Rhyne

The Dream Masters

SOULutions Sessions® with Lisa Rhyne

These are one hour sessions that can be performed in person, via phone or even remotely. Lisa uses her extensive trainings, techniques, skills and abilities to work with you, addressing anything you would like to transform in your life. She…


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Satori : A Momentary Flash of Enlightenment

Emanation of light » by Limonc)

Back in 1998, I underwent a very peculiar experience, indeed, thus far at least, a once-in-a-lifetime event, which opened many doors for me and confirmed some of the directions I had previously chosen.

In time, I came to consider this occurrence as an instance of satori, a sudden…


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Portrait : Everyday Was The Same

Glass of Beer and Playing Cards » by Juan Gris)

everyday was the same

but she wouldn't notice

oblivious to the game

that had become practice

well, many times she had

but she couldn't stand it

it always felt so bad

better to deny it

rising… Continue

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Communicating Meaning Through Art

As an artist of many different mediums (film, drawing, text, photography) I can honestly say that on one level it feels like a miracle when a viewer understands my work in the way that I intended it. And there is often another miracle, when the viewer sees something in my work that I did not consciously intend, but when they speak their truth it rings true for me as…


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)mad magicks( Emerging Visions #20

Modern Mania Demands

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The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

The book “Caesar’s Messiah” shows that the Gospels were written by a family of Roman Caesars called the Flavians. They created the Gospels as a political tool. They wanted to create a different version of messianic Judaism. They had fought against a messianic movement in Judea that was obviously militaristic and violently opposed to Roman rule, so the Gospels were created to replace that version of messianic Judaism. The reason that the Romans wanted to create their own Savior / Messiah is…


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