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Global Survey from The Millennium Project

Hello everyone from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysian node of The Millennium Project.

We have created a website called “Voice of the Human Race” - - which is a global survey on any kind of issue. It also shows how people are feeling, utilising Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. There are 6 questions to answer and one emotion to express. Results are in real time and you can see how everyone else… Continue

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Art, Culture, Activism, Collaboration

Hello community!

I joined a long time ago and have been so busy with all my projects that I haven't been able to be very involved here. Today I finally posted a diverse mix of projects I have been involved with. Watch and you will find a common thread of dreams, art, culture, activism and collaboration. I post this short blog to invite more voices into this dialogue and many future unfolding projects that might help bring some inspiration into action in this community and all over the…


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The Birth of Integral Cinema

La Coquille et le Clergyman (1928)

The term integral cinema was first used by French avant-garde filmmaker Germaine Dulac in the…


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after the Rapture

)mad magicks…

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Embody Your Purpose and Soar Beyond the Boundaries of Circumstance


Essence Of You Soul Coaching

Embody Your Purpose and Soar Beyond the Boundaries of Circumstance …


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Common Sense is Anything But Common = Don't Believe Everything You Read on the Internet!

I cannot tell you how many emails I get from people upset over something they read on the Internet.  They send long dissertations about some article or blog from some random "expert" that no one has ever hear of or verified that is filled with tons of unverified "facts" that has scared the hell out of them and worked them into a frenzy and driven them to forward me the link or even better to copy and paste it into their email making it 19 pages long.  And it is happening more and more.…


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5-15-11 Oneness

Like stars in the same constellation, we are one. The you in me recognizes the me in you. We all know there is a rising in the knowledge that we all exist as a piece in the endless puzzle of the whole. We are all expanding together, and are no longer believing in the deception of separation. Separation is responsible for our brain's choice to no longer trust our intuitions. Intuition is the only real way for us…


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Rapids (The Dam part 3 - revisited)

Stromschnelle » by Gerhard Rießbeck)

In « Rapids, » the third part of « The Dam, » the protagonist/narrator is being carried from a mostly disappointing river straight into an heretofore…


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The Launch of Something New for YOU!

ANNOUNCING THE Launch of FREE signup for an awesome virtual event for anyone ready to BE a POSITIVE Transformer! SEE>


I am excited to announce something new and definitely igniting from our dear, dynamic friend, Christine Kloser! Today is THE Launch of the sign-up for her awesome, brand…


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last call for Emerging Visions #20 submissions


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SAT May 14th: Women of The Green Generation


Eco Mystic "Green T" will be speaking for 15 minutes at 3PM.

Eco Feminism: Healing the Ultimate Woman - Mother…

Added by Tamara Henry, M.A. on May 5, 2011 at 9:30am — No Comments

On The Origin Of Flight

i remember, once, i couldn't walk

sure, i could move by myself

but i couldn't walk

perhaps, i didn't feel the need to

possibly, i was happy crawling on hands and knees

yet, i could see

and from what i could see, others were walking

obviously, they had stood up, and they were walking

and i was not, but hey, i was happy crawling

and then one day, i don't remember why

i tried to stand up, but i couldn't and fell down

and so i kept… Continue

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Architects Of Progress

it was a path, a road, a way forward

it was not just any other day

yet, in a sense, it could have been

had it been the unusual sunshine

the melodies of the birds

or something in the air

lures material

she now knew empty

she had chosen progress

it had become possible

it was a number, a goal, an ideal

it was not just any other whim

yet, in a sense, how could it be otherwise ?

had it been the many… Continue

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Uncoiling part 1 (revisited)

Tobyo » from the Bakemono-Dukushi - Unknown Artist)…


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