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Bi-Monthly Coaching Call for Conscious Creators

Putting the feelers out as to who would be interested in joining a coaching call - two times a month for 1 hour each call. Quite simply you would be issued a conference call # and access code and will join the C3 community on an inter-active call that I will be facilitating.

The intention is to inspire your creative process and support you with any challenges you may be facing. This is an opportunity to connect, support and feel supported.

Cost: $20 Donation

I… Continue

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Tapping into the Resource of Source

AS Conscious Creators, we have all, at some point or another, tapped into the viceral feeling of being in the flow ~the place where we are keeping up with who we are becoming and allowing our unique expression of joy to come forth. As we look to nature as a reminder of the natural rhythm of well being....we can perhaps relax and let go, pointing ourselves downstream in the current of life. As we go with the flow we are in the current of well being. Could it be that "currency" and the… Continue

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Mayans, Sun, & Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal - 2012 - Very Interesting

Thanks to Sacred Science Institute & Mitch Battros seems like all my feelings about 2012 are getting tied into a nice bundle!

This is what I have been looking for over the past four years. I believe it to be the missing piece which comes close to completing the puzzle. This could explain both the scientific theory of pole reversals, and Mayan prophecy of 2012. Yes--- I believe this new scientific study is extraordinarily significant.

New studies reveal the… Continue

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Matrix Energetics in Nashville

I've had a few people ask me about Matrix Energetics. I've posted a video of Richard Bartlett on my MySpace page that give a really brief overview.

I recommend reading his book and going to the website: www.matrixenergetics.com for more info. He also has a great recommended reading list that is almost identical to mine at www.thedreammasters.org/links.php.

I've also been asked if I can do what Richard does (see video) and the answer is yes. I've facilitated some amazing… Continue

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Barry takes the Cake

Added by RickPinckert on April 27, 2009 at 1:39am — 1 Comment

JG Ballard - RIP

His books changed how I viewed science fiction. He led me to Re:Search, Virilio and so much more. Another legend, returned to dust.

Added by Eric Matthies on April 25, 2009 at 9:18pm — 1 Comment


Just read this article: http://biznik.com/articles/unleash-your-inner-business-storyteller on a new network I am checking out... I know yet another one... But that is part of the new world... Human as the new go(l)d... human relation as the new currency... And c3 is all about pointing you to networks that will help you with your conscious creativity... But I am getting… Continue

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I don't allow margarine in my house.

I don't allow margarine in my house.


I said it.

Now you know.

It is butter or olive oil (and the rare occasional bacon grease).

That's it.

I also try my best not to allow any of those other funky science experiments they're trying to pass of as food into my house either.

My chiropractor once told me, "If it ain't in its original package or you cannot identify what fruit or vegetable it is or you can't…

Added by Lisa Rhyne ~ The Dream Masters on April 24, 2009 at 6:00am — 3 Comments

So MOVED by Tom Kenyons 23rd Psalm

Marveling at the POWER of Tom Kenyon's version of the 23rd Psalm


The audio file included here is the entire Planetary Meditation and also
includes a session Tom did just before the Meditation in which he
discusses the protection mantra of the 23rd Psalm from an
alchemical perspective and then chanted this alchemical mantra in
its entirety.


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notes on notes from the edge

thanks Eric. I like your insights. Especially... "positive media creation is of utmost importance in the new media landscape..."

The challenge and opportunity is to bridge and bring together evolved Art and evolved Science, to integrate technical and aesthetic, to balance intellectual and spiritual. As the tools of making art continue to evolve, art evolves. And we, as both creators and appreciators, evolve along with it. The content of art is critical. It is the "story" that artists… Continue

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On Food

Since finally kicking around on the site, I've spent a bit of time deciphering my definitions of 'modalities'. I've decided for the moment that food is one of them. My wife is a vegetarian. I myself prefer the term 'picky eater', primarily because I still enjoy butter, cheese, half-n-half in my coffee and most non-veggie of all, seafood. I don't eat meat or fowl. It's a pain to explain, so picky eater seems to suffice. One thing being married to a veggie has taught me is that a lot of… Continue

Added by Eric Matthies on April 23, 2009 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

Looking for pictures of Barry sitting on cake

My camera only got the sound during that sequence. I want to put a short together of that magical night
rick p

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Hello, I am really good at...

.... being a complete space cadet at times... When I wrote my blog entry and newsletter about the ArtWalk I kept thinking I am forgetting something. Well, always trust your intuition. I totally did. One of my favorites at that... Dyana Valentine is a goddess par excellence. You want to get something done, talk to the woman. She was here during… Continue

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Temple in the heavens

Temple of the Earth

Temple in my mind

Temple of the hearth

See yourself in the stars

Worry not for fancy cars

See the stars in your self

Green and gold are not wealth

I are you and you are I

See the world without eyes

Lift the veil and drop the guise

The wise are fools and fools are wise

Know of truth

Know of lies

Know of lows

Know of highs

Find your place in the… Continue

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Notes on Visions From The Edge

From last night's presentation with Ed Lantz. Unfortunately had to bail after the break (before Lars spoke). Here are some things I jotted down during the talk.

A statistic presented showed that 151 hrs of TV is consumed by the avg. American each month. 3 hrs of web-based video content likewise ingested, and 4 hrs of portable device media. I believe an accurate assessment of the comparison (which… Continue

Added by Eric Matthies on April 22, 2009 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

Blogging over at Guns

See the daily blog over at gunsorcameras.

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Tango anyone???

Tango is so much more then a DANCE…

I see it as a way of communing with another soul, a way of communicating heart to heart; mirroring each other’s every movement, breathing each other’s every breath. Tango is often called a DANCE of LIFE. Just as in life, the simplest action requires that we be fully present, so Tango is truly a dance of the HERE and NOW! No more… no less. If we let it, it allows us to experience the true intimacy, step by step, one dance at a time.

Tango… Continue

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after the 4/21/2009 C3 event: the future of entertainment

*the view from the edge*

...we been standing in long, long lines

of eons, eating the flesh ripped from

stories told around the fire, & shitting

embryonic myths

...we been stoking the

fires that forge archtypical origins in the

unconscious collective, then

hammering out belief systems & bull shit

...cults? sure, & culture

...we been fine-tuning the perceptual filtering of the river

of skull shaping trauma, fear, loss,… Continue

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What is ONE? Extended Haiku

Energy animates Matter -
Spirit throbs in the passion of Flesh -
Darkness, without protest,
gives permission to Light -
Inside and Outside
separated only by windows
I have constructed -

Added by zenmachinist on April 21, 2009 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

***In Honor of the Human Connection***


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