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tell me i did not dive in way too deep

and that i will find the relief i seek

when bells toll the time to jump off the peak

say that there will be faith to take the leap

although i've walked the path of oracles

and seen you've kept the oath you'd said you'd keep

when the fruits will be close enough to reap

will i really believe in miracles

did your plan really include that last turn

or did i miss a lesson on the road

will there some day…


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Allegory of the Long Spoons

« The allegory of the long spoons is a parable that shows the difference between heaven and hell by means of people forced to eat with long spoons. »

« In each location, the inhabitants are given access to food, but the utensils are too unwieldy to serve oneself with. In hell, the people cannot cooperate, and consequently starve. In heaven, the diners feed one another across the table and are sated. »

« Given the same level playing field one group of…


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Living Bond

dare i declare that we'll always be one

that in your soul breathes an echo of mine

that our paths will fusion down the line

that this living bond cannot come undone

dare i reveal how we have been misled

by values that want us to be apart

told only a fool could follow their heart

by demons of greed, reason, and hatred

could you forgive me for being doubtful

of accepting the fate of a prophet

and having been of you so…


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how many souls lay blinded by that creed

stuck on a rock that's lost in the vastness

fatherless child of mother randomness

the underlying view that fosters greed

satisfied by the laws of mechanics

kindergarten of logic and reason

unfit for the tests of intuition

barred from the master class in holistics

unprepared to see past material

as if fearing fatal delirium

through knowledge of concerns spiritual

yet truth is no stranger to…


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Conveyed by Rhymes

i can recall the day when the world fell

and i could only watch in disbelief

as people blamed each other for their grief

before hiding back each inside their shell

from there we edged ever closer to hell

dying nature, fires, foul climes above

divided souls all longing for some love

while minds dreaded for them would toll the bell

and now a plague warns us with its dark chimes

to see we're tied, us threads of the same rope

against which…


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Somewhere Ahead

as i sit on the floor and bow my head

i wonder why my path has led me here

for which purpose must i be rid of fear

that lies in store for me somewhere ahead

no way could i the turns have all foreseen

nor prayed for all of life's given blessings

for the angels would not reveal their wings

until after the time they could be seen

is it a door i hear, a voice, a pace

or only an echo, a whim, a wraith

a breeze, a thought, a threat without a…


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now that the truth is out

and edges the windup

say did you really doubt

of where you would end up

just right there where you are

all alone in the night

feeling more fraud than star

and really not that bright

not completely grownup

more bewildered than fine

but still the wait is up

time to come forth and shine

seems you blew your thirties

in healing from your teens

in bending to worries

and in blaming your…


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was it not all written

in the divine memoirs

on the nightly heaven

as a pattern of stars

that the worst could happen

at the perfect hour

to rescue the fallen

from haughtiness dour

so that they could in turn

save from the bonfire

their fellow men who burn

in confusion dire

was it not all written

well ahead of the time

in words aptly chosen

metered and set to rhyme

that there's no simple way



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Land's End

God, suspended in the clouds, creates light. Line engraving Wellcome V0034177

God, suspended in the clouds, creates light. » by Thomas de Leu)

what was there left to do

standing at the summit

but to reach for the sky

up above infinite

what was there left to do

at the edge…


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Zen and the Art of Mushroom Cultivation : An Inquiry into Morels

once, there was a guy named Gus. and although Gus was without a passion, Gus's head liked to think that Gus was a passionate guy. Gus's head also liked to think that it was bright. in fact, Gus's head just liked to…


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Why I Became a Death Midwife

It was certainly not my life plan to be a death midwife.

Born and raised in rural England, I trained as a music teacher for special needs children and put myself through college working as a nursing assistant.  After a year in the classroom I was safely within the comfort zone. My life was slowly and predictably unraveling  through wet and drizzly suburbia. It was terrifying. I was going to die before I had lived!

So I jumped ship. …


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Transformative Wisdom Seminar with Pierre Hui-An Grimes

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"The Light" and upgrading your DNA


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A Shift in Focus...


I can think of only two possible questions when it comes to anyone's sex life and they are:

1) Are you currently having sex with me?  

If Yes = Then I'm interested in your sex life.  

If No = Then it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

However, if the answer above is no, there is possibly one simple follow up question, which is:

2) Well are…


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Live Interview - The Love Channel Show - June 3rd

I'll be featured on Rev. Pamela Cummins' "The Love Channel Show" this Tuesday, June 3rd (8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST) talking about all sorts of things. I will also be doing a special guided mediation for listeners. You can call in to ask me questions.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 478-0020

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to mark your calendars. Cheers ~ Lisa Rhyne …


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Warriors of the Rainbow

Below is one version of the Warriors of the Rainbow as told by Native Americans as well as some of my thoughts on this subject.

I've included this story below from a woman I do not know but included her website info below to give proper credit.  

I have selected passages of text and made it bold, italicized and underlined as my own emphasis on these particular passages to make sure these stand out to the reader. 

If you like this,…


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2 Projects Published - Call for Featured Speaker Panelists

Hello All ~

I am in the process of setting up interviews as well a featured speaking engagements at live shows as I push to complete the final edits on my life story "Walking Between Worlds: Journey of a Dream Master - Book 1" and my METAtations DVD (#1 in a series of 3) within the next few weeks to get to the publishers (both for release this year). 

I already have one event that I will be speaking at and would also like to set up a panel at that event to discuss…


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Announcing a Course in Meta-Movieology


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Announcing the Online Exhibition of my Integral Video "The Pond" on the Integral Life Art Gallery

This month Integral Life Art Gallery offers their first presentation of video art. The first gallery in this…


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The Miracle Is Worth The Wait

Yamagata University Craft-Pal 2006 » by simo100)


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