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About Me:
Although I have enjoyed a four decade full-time vocation as art director slash graphic designer in advertising and publishing, my greater satisfaction has come from my avocations in life as: teacher, inventor, metaphysicist, author, and certainly as artist. Early in that adventure I became curious about mysticism and altered states of consciousness. Much later that interest expanded into a demonstrable thesis (discovered in ordinary consciousness) about the very structure or design of consciousness itself. Let me begin an explanation with experiences in ordinary consciousness that you may have had yourself. As art instructor in the 70's, I recall an example when "visual" or "linear" perspective was the topic of class. Picture plain, eye level, horizon, vanishing points, diminution, previously unrealized, all become quite unsettling observations to the student. Try it yourself right now. Locate the horizon in the room you are sitting. Now move a few feet up or down. Has the room changed or have you? If you think it was "you," then in reality, doesn't the room contain an infinite number of horizons or none at all, or perhaps a cosmic view of the room that you are sitting in cannot exist. Another lesson to me was in teaching the student the creative process or "conscious creativity." In that case there is nothing the teacher can point to directly, like the tools learned in linear perspective. Leaving one only the "incentive" to innovate and the "talent" for advancing the prior art. I learned that "conscious creativity" is truly and simply an enigma and if it is to be learned, both teacher as well as student are advised to work comfortably in the mystery of consciousness rather than demand any reasonable revelation. "Just do it" was my summary statement to a student's demand for instruction in creativity, and that was based on a 500 year old instruction that I came across in the 60's which says: "While there is nothing that I can give [or teach] you which you do not already have [know], there is much you can take." Take "discovery," the wisdom tool an effective act available to all of us at all times.

As inventor with patent in hand, I take the opportunity to say something "about me" as an artist that contrasts my awareness in "consciousness" that I call "discovery' to merely the ideas in "mind" I call "invention." Although the 70's provided reflection on the conscious(ness) discoveries that I made in the 60's, it was invention that consumed me in the 70's. Having made the discovery, one is compelled to make the invention by which that discovery is delivered or communicated. Both authoring the pages of a book or fabricating a machine involve a great deal of mind's trial and error. My patent issued in 1971 was essentially "Visual Music" incorporating a laser beam and opposing oscillating mirrors which translated audio signals (music) to aesthetically and mathematically pleasing red laser light trails or tracery. Similar imagery is featured in laser shows and screen savers today. Perhaps my compulsion to build such a contraption had its origin in flashback to the mid 60's when I built a "light machine" to gift the Castalia community at Millbrook, where Tim Leary dubbed my presentation,"The Cadillac of light machines." That magical summer was an egoic sidebar to my later experience in "extra" ordinary consciousness where ego was shattered and an altered view of reality put any prior notion of reality or "what is" in severe question.
Conscious Creativity means...
Teaching art and design for half a decade, I quickly learned to regard the creative process or "conscious creativity" with enigmatic respect, for although it cannot be taught directly, a tacit method can be learned over time. Rather than demand understanding, I would tell my student: "just do it" (go beyond understanding), relax and do easiest parts first, go through the motions, settle for more not less, proceed to work at what you expect to be most difficult. Suddenly or eventually suddenly you're astonished at and ecstatic with the results.
My vision of the future:
"What is" the question or "what is" the answer. In either case, it seems "what is" is the only reality there is and aside from visions with light machines or with psychedelics of any other variety, in reality, "what is" should be observable in ordinary consciousness. My vision is that "what is" (or the design and structure to reality-consciousness) can be realized to remarkable degrees given (y)our sufficient pondering of a new perspective system I call "metasphere". So, as metaphysicist with artistic license in hand, I began authoring an illustrated work in 1973 titled "Metasphere: the Altered State of Word" published in 1980 and now out of print. In 137 pages I literally advanced the question of "what is" to the level of a "statement" by applying the mystery of creativity and consciousness rather than demand any reasonable revelation." The result is a book (1980), a CD-rom (1990), and www.metasphere.com (2000) that goes "beyond" understanding, into a "meta" understanding. The design of consciousness is perfectly comprehensible from within the sphere that it describes but not at all from without, much like the state of spirituality, metaphysics, and philosophy before the advent of quantum theory permitted a conversation about the observer as the determinant in reality.
I am really good at:
Innovating plans and adapting them when they do not work -- it is called "design."
I could use help with:
Help me solicit networking among c3 members and others to organize and fund "Metaspheric Symposium - 2112 Time Capsule" to be held in Albuquerque or other centrally located US city in 2012, with a 100-year time capsule theme: "The promise of conscious creativity, the future of consciousness theory, and developing a sustainable metaphysics of reality."
Tools I use...
Digital resources, graphics applications, internet, and the great tradition of wisdom/spiritual practices.
I am looking for (services):
A c3 blog discussion about metasphere would be a welcome service to my work. I highly regard the new physics discoveries in reality theory. However, "what is" is simply left out of that discussion for the rest of us who cannot traverse the intricacies of the quantum argument. Of course, the same thing might be said for comprehending metasphere, for my work is not an easy read, Yet, I believe "metasphere" is a much easier and useful readout of reality or "what is" than any discussion in quantum dimensional terms. My work contains no higher math than numbers 1 to 7 for their significance in the schema of consciousness rather than for their mere enumeration in mind. Simple geometry and symbol is also used merely to demonstrate wisdom (if not sacred) characteristics long ago recognized as indicators of the scope of consciousness such as center, circle, sphere, path, and the like. When all is said and done, "what is" is an event horizon and ordinarily not directly observable. Yet, conscious observation of "what is" in reality, or for that matter in any categorical schema in mind or consciousness is ordainable using the alignment tools of the metaspheric perspective which position the observer or "I" level in relation to "what is" just beyond (meta) the perimeter of consciousness.
I am offering (services):
Metasphere: The Altered State of "Art," is my current and ongoing creation with: giclee and kinetic metascapes, and other conscious art for the practitioner, collector, gallery, and museum. Contact me about shows or sales. In 2007, the conscious prequel to Metasphere: The Altered State of "Word" was produced in the form of a visual meditation on DVD, titled: Metasphere: The Altered State of "Heart," distributed through BridgeArtsMedia. Singles available at: http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00ZIA1YJ

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At 1:17pm on July 7, 2013, Haydn Anthony said…

Sending great appreciation to you and your wife!

At 6:05pm on September 4, 2009, James Guy said…
Greetings Michael Peterschmidt, Thank you so much for your comment and question...
Both works deal with SEVEN. Perhaps you "missed it," not aware that at the website, if you put the cursor on the pulsating heart center and click, you then enter the metasphere animating all seven places. Then be sure to click on the small sitting man icon at upper left side of the screen to discover the whole metaphysics of our septenary reality. There you will find the 137 page book which predates the "disk" by many years. The website discovers "The altered state of WORD", Whereas the disk meditates on "The altered state of HEART. Please join discussion on the 3c "metaspherians" group.
At 3:52pm on September 3, 2009, John Michael said…
Hi James, Could you explain why on the Disk of Metaspere you have 7 Centers. At "metasphere.org" there are 4. I think I know Why. But I think I may be Wrong. So please...I think your work is Near Perfect. The Geometry. I can just imagine, Bill Scott's Work could somehow integrate. ThankX! for the Art|Work!
At 3:32pm on May 22, 2009, Christopher Toussaint said…
I am only a dabbler when it comes to Tibetan or any kind of Buddhism. I respect and glean insights from it and certainly feel solidarity with the plight of those Tibetans who are exiled. The picture I uploaded was at a shoot where we videotaped a particular monk who teaches CHOD, a Bonpo traditional chant to exorcise demons and bring good energy into a place.
At 1:37pm on May 6, 2009, Barry Goldberg said…
Hello James-
Thank you for the reach out....
As an artist, consistent educator and student, your "what is" perspective resonates with me. In reading the rest of your perspective, I am having synaesthetic reactions....YEAH!!
I am looking forward to more,
I will dive deeper as we go. I just wanted to drop this quick line of hello and welcome. Thanks for the view.

All the best-


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