Psyched to have you become part of our community. The whole point of this community is for us to support each other in becoming fully expressed individuals. We are constantly adding items to this site and our c3 home page. If you have questions, suggestions, please let us know.

For now, you might want to fill out your profile and customize its theme to your liking. We provided some fields for you to talk about what you are good at, what you might want support with, services you are looking for or offering....

You can also add photos, videos, music, events or blogs that express who you are or are exemplary of your work.

Find out who else is part of the community and invite more friends... You can add friends by looking at their profile and using the link underneath their picture.

You can also start Forum topics - or, if you have a topic you are particularly interested in, start a group. This way, you have a mailing list, a separate forum and other functions available to you and your friends... (Groups need to be approved, but we only make sure it fits with consciousness or creativity).

Okay... lots of things to explore! Have fun! If you have questions, post them here...

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There is also a great resource available from ning, the platform on which this network is hosted. You can go to http://help.ning.com and find step by step introductions on how to post content and use some of the features. They also have a helpdesk where you can submit tickets. Usually they get back to you within 24 hours.
Great Phillip.
I have tried to post videos from youtube without success. Now I just tried to join some groups. Again, nada. Perhaps it's my computer? Or something with the system?

Glad to be here. Just chiming in... trying to add content and my presence via holy land galilee, via cyberspace...
Hi there... curious phenomena. My guess would be that it's your browser. Assume you are on Mac? I know someone else how had an issue with trying to join groups and it indeed was her browser. Maybe try a different one (Firefox if you are using Safari?)... Let me know if that helps.
have been able to get the "send" button to work on my initial message to the friend who invited me, so
Safari might be the culprit judging by the response to an earlier posting . . .
Hey there... double checked on the issues. Apparently our underlying platform provider had some issues in that area. Supposedly all systems should be back up and running. Let me know if you still have issues...
the "sign out" button does not appear to work, either, so I'll just have to declare a retreat . . .
Hi there...

Thank you for all your posts. Definitely found that there are some browser issues especially on Mac. Having some trouble with Google Chrome, too. Will pass on your comments to the developer team.


Wow! Its great to be a part of this community. When I saw the website my first reaction was... I thought of this!! But I am glad someone did all the work ahead of me and I can be a part of it and just enjoy it! Looking forward to sharing transformation in all its myriad ways with all of you.

New to the site and the community, but coming from an old tradition into the new age. I'm excited to be a part of this group and the people I may meet.

Thank you for being here. Think a lot of our work right now is to connect the old with the new and make sure that in the coming post-literate society (as McLuhan called it), the perennial wisdom does not get thrown out with the bathwater as the youth turns away from letters and men of letters...
I don't understand how to add c3 friends.
Hi there... If you wish to add someone as your friend, open their profile page, and click on "Add as a friend" below their picture. They will get a notice that you requested their friendship, and once they confirm you as a friend, you become mutual friends.
There is also more info here

Let me know if that solves it ;-)



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